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The cooktop is the heart of every modern kitchen. But let’s face it – the world of cooktops can be challenging with the many types available out there.


Do you get a gas cooktop because of its precise temperature control and instant heat? Is it the sleek design and advanced features of an electric cooktop that excite you? Is it the tech and efficiency of an induction cooktop that you want in your kitchen? Do you want a downdraft cooktop because of its sleek design that doesn’t sacrifice ventilation? It’s understandable to have so many questions about cooktops, but don’t worry – you can learn so much from us!

We understand cooktops, and that’s why we want to extend our knowledge to you! Whether you are looking for a cooktop that fits your budget or want to learn how to navigate the installation process and troubleshoot codes, we’ve got you. Let’s walk this journey together! 

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