Can You Get an Induction Cooktop with Knobs?

Can You Get an Induction Cooktop with Knobs

Yes, you can get a cooktop with knobs.

To most people, an induction cooktop is a futuristic appliance with a shimmering, black glass top and controls that can be adjusted with a simple touch of a finger. And that’s not inherently wrong. After all, most modern induction hobs are sleek contrivances that fully embrace digital technology by doing away with conventional features like physical buttons.  

However, not all induction cooking appliances are fully digital. A select few still have control knobs for setting and adjusting power, temperature, and timer settings. Read on for a list of induction cooktop models fitted with control knobs. We’ve also discussed the types, pros, and cons of knobs commonly found in induction hobs.


What Type of Knobs Do Induction Cooktops Have?

Most induction cooking appliances have the following knobs:

1. Basic Knobs

If, like 38% of US households, your home has a gas stove or you have ever crossed paths with this appliance, you should be familiar with basic control knobs. Most conventional cookers have these components. While cooking with them, you turn the knobs accordingly to adjust gas flow, flame intensity, and more.

The good news is that some induction cooktops have basic knobs. Some manufacturers include them to make it easier for people transitioning from gas stoves to induction hobs. Like gas appliances, the basic knobs in induction cooktops control functions like temperature and power level.

2. Rotary Knobs

As the name suggests, rotary control knobs are contrivances that require the user to apply a certain degree of rotation. Most people think all appliances have these knobs, but that’s untrue. Although many stoves have them, a significant number have alternatives like push and pull knobs.

That aside, some induction hobs have rotary knobs. And that is a good thing because these components are easy to use and facilitate accurate cooking. They also make cooking a breeze for people not accustomed to induction appliances.

3. Magnetic Knobs

A magnetic knob is a detachable contrivance with a magnetic base. You can remove it whenever necessary and reattach it easily. Like standard rotary knobs, a magnetic knob requires you to twist it to adjust the power level or temperature settings.

If you are yet to master the digital interface that most modern cooktops have, go for an appliance with magnetic knobs. They’ll help you control your cooktop as you transition from using a conventional cooker. And once you become a pro, you can simply take them off and use touch controls.

4. Removable Knobs

Some induction hobs have removable knobs that don’t have a magnetic. They are just simple components you can detach whenever you need to deep clean your appliance without missing anything, including dirt and grime accumulated on the control panel.

Besides being easy to clean, an induction cooktop with detachable knobs can be a priceless gift in a home with little kids. Children can be a little curious, and nearly 33% of pediatric burn injuries are related to cooking. But, if you have an appliance with removable knobs, you can lessen the risk of your little ones experimenting with it and getting injured while you’re away.  

Advantages of an Induction Cooktop with Knobs

An induction cooktop with knobs allows you to enjoy the following:

Precise Temperature Control

Cooking food at the appropriate temperature is crucial for various reasons. First, it is the key to killing bacteria that can lead to health issues like food poisoning and salmonella. Additionally, while preparing cuisines like sous vide eggs, you must adhere to the temperature specifications included in the recipe. If you don’t, the results won’t be what you expect.

While using an induction cooktop with knobs, you can turn a specific knob and stop when it points at the desired temperature. Plus, you can fine-tune the settings whenever necessary. Amazing, right?

Tactile Feedback

If you run a busy kitchen, get an induction cooktop with control knobs. These components will come in handy whenever you don’t have time to play with the digital display.

With a digital display panel, you must pay close attention to the screen. But if you are a seasoned cuisine connoisseur, you can use the tactile feedback from control knobs to know when you have set the right heat level without taking your eyes off whatever you’re doing at that moment.

Longer Lifespan

A standard induction hob can last more than 15 years. But a few things can affect a cooktop’s durability, including a faulty touch control panel. Although you can replace this component, sometimes, it may fail so often that you have no options besides ditching the appliance. But knobs can help you avoid this issue.

If your cooktop has knobs, you can use them if the touch panel develops any issues. Moreover, you can frequently switch from touch buttons to physical knobs to avoid prematurely wearing out the exquisite digital display screen.

Peace of Pind

Suppose your cooktop is 100% reliant on a digital control panel, and you accidentally drop cookware on it, damaging the fragile glass surface. In that case, you’d have no other option than to replace it, a project that, depending on your appliance, can cost up to $800. If you don’t get a replacement, using your cooktop will be impossible.

But you don’t have to let this issue stop you from switching to induction cooking. On the contrary, get an induction cooker with knobs. If the touch display breaks, you can use these components. And if they get damaged, you won’t have to worry about spending ungodly amounts. The market is full of replacement knobs that cost less than $25.  


Like other appliances, induction cooktops with knobs have their shortcomings. For instance:

They are Hard to Clean

This sounds contradictory, right? Previously, we said cooktops with knobs are easy to clean. But that applies exclusively to those with detachable components.

Picture an induction hob with non-detachable knobs. The issue with such an appliance is gunk will eventually accumulate underneath and around these components. Ultimately, the problem will aggravate, and your cooker will emit a foul smell and become a health risk.

They Pose Safety Concerns

Most standard induction cooktops have a top-mounted control panel at the very top. Its location makes it almost impossible for young kids to reach it. That makes them safer for homes with young, curious children.

But cooktops with knobs are a different story. Such appliances are often low-hanging fruit for kids. A kid can easily stand on tip-toe, reach the knobs, and fiddle with them. Once the stove is on, children can play with something they shouldn’t, like hot oven doors, which cause many pediatric burns yearly.

Best Induction Hob with Knobs

Do you see how beneficial induction hobs with knobs can be? Now, to enjoy all the perks we’ve mentioned, you must get an exceptional appliance with these components. But beware. Although countless products are available today, some low-grade cooktops perform suboptimally and often break down prematurely.

To avoid such issues, pick a cooktop from the ones listed below. These are world-class appliances made by reputable brands and guaranteed to serve you well for many years.

1. Breville|PolyScience Induction Cooktop

Breville PolyScience Induction Cooktop


This Breville| PolyScience cooktop is a portable appliance that can hold any temperature from 82-482°F. Additionally, it has knobs on the control interface, which a person can use to adjust cooking time and temperature settings. If you are searching for a compact cooktop that’s fitted with knobs and is easy to carry around, this one is worth checking out.  

2. Commercial Grade Countertop Burner

Commercial Grade Countertop Burner

Abangdun’s Commercial Grade Countertop Burner is another fantastic portable cooktop with knobs. While using this appliance, you can adjust power or temperature levels with a single twist of a knob. Moreover, the cooktop has a knob for setting the desired cooking time.

3. VBGK Double Induction Cooktop

VBGK Double Induction Cooktop

Unlike our first two appliances, the VBGK cooktop has two cooking zones. Despite that, it’s lightweight and portable. That isn’t all. This appliance also comes with control knobs that can be rotated by hand. According to the manufacturer, this feature is safer than digital buttons, which a pet or child can touch and accidentally change settings.

4. COOKTRON Induction Cooktop Burner

COOKTRON Induction Cooktop Burner

The COOKTRON induction cooktop has a rotary knob for adjusting power and temperature. This component makes the appliance incredibly easy to operate, especially for people unfamiliar with the nitty gritty of touch control panels. Using the knob, you can set any temperature level you desire, from 140-464°F.

5. GIHETKUT Induction Cooktop 4 Burners

GIHETKUT Induction Cooktop 4 Burners

If you want a bigger induction cooktop with control knobs, look no further than the GIHETKUT Induction Cooktop 4 Burners. As the name implies, this appliance boats 4 powerful burners. Knob-wise, it has knobs that allow users to adjust power, heat level, and cooking time. The knobs are perfect for categories of people, especially the elderly and individuals with bad eyesight.   

6. POTFYA Induction Cooktop 30 Inch

POTFYA Induction Cooktop 30 Inch

Last on our list is another 4-burner appliance: the POTFYA Induction Cooktop. This is an elegant induction hob made of glass ceramic. It’s fitted with beautiful knobs that make controlling and adjusting temperature extremely easy. Knob controls aside, this product has many other features, including automatic ignition, safety lock, and automatic shut-off.

Final Thoughts

Most advanced induction hobs have a combination of touch and knob controls. The latter are included to make life easier for novices, older adults, and people with vision problems. But, even if you don’t belong to any of these categories, you can purchase a cooktop with knobs and enjoy many perks, including peace of mind.

We have introduced you to the best induction hobs with knobs. Now, it’s your move. Hopefully, you’ve gone through the listed products and isolated a couple for your kitchen. If you have, do some extra digging and try to unearth everything you can about these appliances, including their pros and cons. Then, based on your findings, pick the best cooktop.

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