Why Did My Induction Cooktop Stop Working After Power Outage?

Why Did My Induction Cooktop Stop Working After Power Outage

So, you’re preparing your meal using your induction cooktop, but abruptly the power goes off. Your food is half-cooked. The cooking hob has stopped working, and you did not expect it. 

Why did that happen? Why did my induction stop working after a power outage? Well, a few reasons.  The major reason – Could be because of a tripped circuit breaker. Other common causes include broken power connections and damaged inner parts. 

Here is a comprehensive overview of the common reasons, and more importantly, reliable solutions to these problems. 

Could Power Fluctuations Affect My Induction Stove? 

Power fluctuations can indeed impact your induction stove negatively. In most cases, power fluctuations disrupt the cooktop’s programming, which you can easily solve by resetting the stove

However, fluctuations can also damage various electrical components required to operate the induction stove. The damages can be external, affecting power components outside your stove, or internal, affecting the stove’s inner parts. 

External Effects of Power Fluctuations 

The most common external effects and damages of power fluctuations include the following: 

  • Tripped or Damaged Circuit Breakers 

Your home’s main power circuit features circuit breakers and fuses that protect your electric appliances from power fluctuations. Power fluctuations can cause the circuit breakers to trip and may even blow the fuses. 

Tripping causes the circuit breaker’s switch to stick between the ‘on’ and ‘off’ positions. You can remedy this problem by turning the switch to the ‘on’ position, thus restoring the power supply to your cooktop. However, blown fuses must be removed and replaced. 

  • Faulty Power Connection 

Power fluctuations can also affect your house’s main circuit. Fluctuations can cause the connections in the junction box to come loose, cutting off the power supply to the stove – you can remedy this by securing the connection. Extreme power surges can also damage the wires and electrical components, necessitating repairs and replacements. 

Internal Effects of Power Fluctuations 

Fluctuations in the power supply can also damage the stove’s crucial internal components, necessitating repairs or replacements. The fans, copper coils, and fuses underneath the burner are the most vulnerable to electrical damage caused by power fluctuations. 

Here is an overview of three ways how power fluctuations can affect your cooktop: 

  • Damaged Fans & Motors 

The fans in your cooktop are designed to cool other internal components. They must run when you turn the induction stove on, and any inconsistencies in their performance cause the stove to shut down automatically. 

Power fluctuations can damage the fans and the motors running them, limiting their performance or incapacitating them altogether. Some common signs of damaged fans include vibrations and clicking, or buzzing noises. Getting a professional technician to inspect and repair or replace the fans and motors is your best option in this situation. 

  • Damaged Copper Coils 

Your cooktop features a copper coil underneath the induction area. The coil conducts electricity to generate the electromagnetic energy required to heat your cookware. Extreme power surges could damage the copper coil, incapacitating it and causing the stove to stop working. Additionally, low voltage can limit the power needed to activate the copper coil. 

You can inspect your stove’s copper coil by looking for any physical damages, such as cracks. You can access the coil by disconnecting the induction stove’s power supply and then removing the glass cover – be careful not to crack the glass, as this can also cause the stove to stop working. 

The copper coil and the wire harnesses attached to it are also easy to remove and replace. You can remove them by depressing the spring clips and holding them in place. Alternatively, you can call a professional technician if the process proves complex. 

  • Blown Fuses 

Your induction stove also features fuses underneath the copper coil. The fuses regulate the power supply to the burner, and extreme power surges can cause them to blow. One common sign that the fuses are blown is when some burners work but others don’t. You can inspect the fuses for damages and replace them or call a professional to do it for you. 

How to Reset My Induction Hob after Power Interruptions 

An induction stove not working after power interruptions is usually a temporary problem in most cases. You can easily and quickly solve the problem by resetting the stove. You can perform a soft or hard reset, depending on the extent of the problem. 

Experts always recommend a soft reset over a hard one. A soft reset entails switching the stove off and turning it back on after a few minutes – you may need to wait longer if the stove’s inner components are hot. 

A hard reset is recommended if the soft reset fails. Here is a step-by-step overview of how the process works: 

  1. Turn the cooktop off and unplug it from the power supply. 
  2. Switch the circuit breakers off, including the main circuit’s breakers and the stove’s internal breakers – some models don’t have internal breakers. 
  3. Let the stove settle for a few minutes – you may need to wait longer if the stove is hot. 
  4. Plug the stove back into the main power supply and turn on the circuit breakers. 
  5. Turn the stove on and check whether it is working properly by placing compatible cookware on the induction area’s surface. 

It is worth noting that the resetting process may vary slightly depending on your cooktop’s model and design. Resetting an induction stove after a power interruption usually works most of the time. However, you should inspect the stove and your home’s main power circuit for damages if the reset doesn’t work. 

Can a Power Surge Protector Help My Induction Stove? 

Power fluctuations are unpredictable. Fluctuations can cause power surges that can damage your induction stove’s electrical components, such as the fans, motors, and coils. Fortunately, a power surge protector can help stop power fluctuations from damaging your cooktop. 

A power surge protector works by suppressing spikes in the power voltage going to your induction stove. Metal oxide varistors inside the surge protector absolve the excess voltage, ensuring that the power supply to the induction stove is at the recommended voltage. 

The surge protector must be compatible with your cooktop’s voltage rating for it to work properly. It is also worth noting that you can install a whole-house surge protector to guard all of your electrical appliances against power fluctuations. 

Wrapping Up 

Induction stoves not working after a power outage is a common problem. It is usually simple and can be quickly solved by resetting the stove. 

However, power fluctuations may cause faults and damages to the stove’s internal and external electrical components, necessitating repairs or replacements. You can solve some of these problems yourself, but a professional technician is always recommended for complex damages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Power Outage Affect the Functioning of My Induction Cooktop?

Yes. Power outages can disrupt electronic devices, including induction cooktops. Sudden power interruptions might cause the cooktop to malfunction temporarily.

Why did My Induction Cooktop Stop Working After the Power was Restored?

If the cooktop was on during the outage, it might need to be reset or its safety mechanisms might have engaged. Also, check if your circuit breaker tripped.

What Should I do if My Induction Cooktop is Not Working After a Power Outage?

Try unplugging the cooktop for a few minutes and then plugging it back in. If that doesn’t work, consult the user manual for troubleshooting steps or consider professional assistance.

Can I Fix My Induction Cooktop Myself if it Stops Working After a Power Outage?

For safety reasons, it’s advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a professional technician if your cooktop continues to have issues after a power outage.

How Can I Prevent Power Outage-related Issues With My Induction Cooktop?

Consider using surge protectors or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to shield your cooktop from power fluctuations during outages.

Can Power Surges Damage My Induction Cooktop Permanently?

Power surges have the potential to damage electronics, including induction cooktops. You can, however, use a surge protector to minimize such risks.

Why Does My Induction Cooktop Display an Error Code After a Power Outage?

Error codes might indicate that the cooktop’s internal systems detected irregularities during the outage. 

How Long Should I Wait Before Attempting to Use My Induction Cooktop After a Power Outage?

A few minutes say 5 – 10 minutes. Wait for some moments after the power is restored, allowing the cooktop’s internal systems to stabilize.

Can Frequent Power Outages Decrease the Lifespan of My Induction Cooktop?

Repeated power interruptions can impact the lifespan of induction cooktops. Using surge protection may help reduce the risks involved.

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