How Do You Reset an Induction Cooktop? Plus Other Troubleshooting Steps


Do you have any problem with your induction cooktop? Well, before you call for any service, please read on to find the best way to unlock or reset your induction cooktop plus troubleshooting steps for any problems you may encounter in the future when using your induction cooktop. We’ll also answer FAQs about induction cooktop repair.

Ready? Let’s dive right in.

Steps On Resetting the Induction Cooktop

What should you do if your induction cooktop stops working or displays strange error codes you don’t understand? Well, don’t panic! Before seeking help, try resetting the cooktop to resolve the issues. Resetting an induction cooktop is the easiest way to fix minor glitches and restore functionality. Grab a pen and a piece of paper as we highlight the steps of resetting your induction cooktop.

Step 1: Switch Off the Power

First, ensure the cooktop does not receive any power from the power supply. You can do so using the power switch or unplugging the plug from the power outlet. Wait a few minutes before you proceed to let the residual power in the appliance dissipate.

Step 2: Check the Circuit Breaker

This step is not directly related to the induction cooktop, but it is quite necessary. Check your electric panel for tripped breakers because power supply issues could cause problems with cooktop functionality

Step 3: Switch on or Plug in the Cooktop

If everything is okay with the power source, plug the cooktop into the power outlet and switch on the power. If the cooktop is receiving power, proceed to the next step. If not, check if there is a power outage or engage an electrician to fix any power-supply problem.

Step 4: Press the Reset Button

Find the reset button on the cooktop, usually located on the underside, and press it. Hold for a few seconds to restore the cooktop to its original setting and erase any previous settings, which could have caused problems. 

Step 5: Reset the Cooktop Display

A display reset might be necessary if your cooktop has a digital display. However, the process of resetting the display varies with the model. Therefore, consult the user manual for specific steps you should follow. Generally, it involves pressing buttons while following a certain sequence or pressing a combination of buttons.

Step 6: Test the Cooktop

This last step involves turning on the cooktop and ensuring it is functioning as expected. If the previous issues were resolved, the cooktop will function as expected. However, you might need to call a repair technician for a thorough examination if the problem persists.

These simple steps can resolve technical glitches and restore functionality. Remember that the resetting process might vary depending on the Cooktop model. Therefore, always read the manufacturer’s instructions or contact their support team if the general process fails or if you need further assistance.

Troubleshooting an Induction Cooktop

If you press any button on your induction cooktop and nothing happens, you may think of calling an expert to repair it. And why not; your induction cooktop may be having a complex problem that you cannot fix. Based on my experience, there are quite a number of induction cooktop issues you can solve yourself.

The table below contains some of the problems you may experience when using your cooktop and their possible solutions.

Common problems Possible solution (s)
Induction shutting off while cooking
  • Check if you have an automatic feature turned on. This happens when your cooking goes beyond the maximum cooking time limit.
  • Check your pan. It might have gone out of the cooking zone.
Induction burned the food
  • Make sure the cookware you are using is not too light to burn your food.
  • Review your temperature setting to make sure it is not too high for your cooking.
Noise and vibration problem
  • If you hear a soft sound coming from your induction cooktop, it’s from the fan. What you have to do is listen and make sure it remains soft.
  • For vibration, check your cookware parts and make sure they are tight.
Induction not working after turning it on
  • Check if the controls are locked. If so, unlock the controls by referring to the induction manual.
  • Check your power connection. It might be due to a power outage.
Food is not cooking or heating properly
  • Review your heat setting to ensure it is not too low.
  • Correctly place your cookware in the induction cooking zone.
  • Make sure your cookware can be used on an induction cooktop

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions related to induction cooktop troubleshooting.

How Do You Repair an Induction Cooktop?

If you feel that your induction needs repair, please call an experienced expert to do your repair because you might worsen the problem if you do it yourself.

Why Does My Induction Cooktop Keep Turning Off?

If your induction keeps turning off, check the cookware you are using. Make sure it has a flat surface and is magnetic. Also, ensure it is correctly placed on your induction cooking zone.

Why Does My Induction Cooktop Keep Beeping?

If your induction cooktop keeps beeping, you must have forgotten to turn it off after use. This is one of the safety options that come with this appliance and must be appropriately checked.

What Do You Do When an Induction Stove Doesn’t Work?

If your induction stove doesn’t work, check your power connection. It might be due to a power outage. Suppose that is not the problem? Check if the cookware you’re using is induction compatible.

How Do I Get My Stove to Stop Beeping?

To stop your stove from beeping, reset it by following the steps stated above.

How Long Does the Induction Cooktop Last?

Most of the induction cooktop manufacturers state that their brands are designed to last for 30, 000 hours. This is equal to 8 years, assuming you are cooking for 10 hours per day.

What Happens If You Leave an Induction Hob On?

Induction hobs use magnetic fields to trigger small electric currents in the magnetic cookware to produce heat. Therefore, if you leave your induction hob without magnetic cookware on it, nothing will happen.

What Happens If You Use a Wrong Pan on an Induction Hob?

Since induction cooktops depend on the absorption of magnetic fields by induction-compatible cookware, induction cooktop hob only works with magnetic pans to produce heat. If you use the wrong pan (made of magnetic nonmagnetic material), your induction hob will not work.

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