RAINBEAN 7.5Inch Heat Diffuser Simmer Ring Plate Review

RAINBEAN 7.5Inch Heat Diffuser Simmer Ring Plate 3

If you’re a fan of induction cooking but still want to use your current iron pans and ceramic pots that are not necessarily induction-ready, then you’ll love what the Rainbean Heat Diffuser Ring Plate offers. It introduces cutting-edge technology, right from design to functionality. 

Let’s take a look at what the induction plate brings to the table, some pros and cons, and whether it’s worth your money or not.

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Design and Build

The Rainbean Converter Disk measures 7.5 inches in diameter, making it suitable for a wide range of cookware sizes. You can use it with your small saucepans or the larger frying pans without any problems. It’s also worth mentioning that the general construction of the induction plate is strong and sound. It’s made with a sturdy construction – a three-layer design (2 layers comprising stainless steel and one layer of aluminum. The genius combination provides uniform heat distribution for all your cooking needs. And with the shiny stainless steel material, you won’t have any problems cleaning or maintaining it, even when you spill soup or coffee on it while cooking.

The Rainbean Induction Hob Adapter Plate features a long heatproof handle that makes it super easy to use in your kitchen. You won’t worry about burning yourself when moving the plate, and can also hand it easily for quick access.

Compatibility With Induction Cooktops

One of the unique aspects of the Rainbean Converter Disk Plate is its compatibility with induction cooktops. The plate’s induction technology enables it to directly transform electromagnetic energy into heat within the cookware itself, guaranteeing superfast and even heating. 

The induction plate is equipped with multiple induction coils that are strategically positioned beneath the stainless steel surface. This ensures that heat is uniformly disseminated across the entire surface, getting rid of hotspots. And what do you get? A uniform cooking experience. The efficiency of induction technology not only reduces cooking times but also saves you energy wastage.


Let’s be honest. It doesn’t matter how good an induction plate appears at first glance. If it doesn’t perform as expected, then it’s not any good in your kitchen. The Rainbean Induction Plate lives up to its repute, offering amazing performance. Whether you’re simmering sauces, making a cup of coffee with your coffee pot, searing meats, sautéing vegetables, or boiling water, the converter disk allows cooking your meals and manage the temperature on your hob precisely, with swift response times. 

The uniform heat distribution across the stainless steel surface ensures ingredients are consistently cooked. This means that you won’t need to keep on stirring and making adjustments to your cooking. 

Safety and Convenience

Just like with any other kitchen appliance, safety is a crucial factor, and this is no different with induction cooking. The Rainbean Stainless Steel Induction Plate excels in this aspect. The induction technology reduces the risk of burns as the cookware itself heats up while the plate remains moderately cool. Of course, it’s not advisable to touch it while in action, and if you have to move it then you can use the heat-proof handle to maneuver your pans.

RAINBEAN 7.5Inch Heat Diffuser Simmer Ring Plate

Rainbean Induction Plate Pros and Cons

The Rainbean converter disk has its good sides. Similarly, it has its bad sides, and you need to weigh both to ensure that you get a converter disk that serves your needs.

Pros – What We Like

  • Compatibility with a wide range of Cooktops – The heat diffuser plate can be used on induction cooktops as well as other stoves, including gas and electric. It doubles as a hot adapter plate.
  • Heat-proof handles – The induction plate comes with heat-proof handles designed to help you move it easily without the risk of burns. It’s all about your safety.
  • Convenient Hanging Option – The handle also allows you to easily hang it in your kitchen near your induction stove, so that you can quickly access it at any time
  • Enhanced Heat Distribution – Thanks to the aluminum inner layer design, you are sure to get superior heat distribution. No hotpots; just consistent heating across the entire pan surface.
  • Easy Maintenance –  The stainless steel material makes this induction plate a breeze to clean and maintain. Even with spills on it, you can easily wipe them and continue with your cooking.

Cons – What We Don’t Like

  • Size limitation – the main limiting factor about this diffuser plate is the size. It can only accommodate 7.5-inch pans and pots, meaning extremely large cookware won’t cook efficiently

Wrapping Up

As we’ve seen, the Rainbean Heat Diffuser Ring Plate is a god-sent for kitchen enthusiasts. It’s compatible with a wide range of cookware, allowing you to use your induction cooktop seamlessly. The heatproof handles prioritize safety and allow for convenient hanging. The overall design is also something to love. It’s made to enhance heat distribution and save energy costs. While it may not be ideal for different sizes of cookware because of its 7.5-inch size, it’s a good addition to day-to-day cooking needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the RAINBEAN Heat Diffuser Compatible With All Types of Cooktops?

Yes, the RAINBEAN Heat Diffuser is designed to be versatile, making it compatible with various types of cooktops, including gas, electric, and induction stoves.

Does the Heat Diffuser Plate Serve as an Induction Hob Adapter?

Yes, the RAINBEAN Heat Diffuser doubles as an induction hob adapter plate, allowing induction cookers to accommodate different types of cookware.

Are the Handles Heat-proof?

Yes, the heat-proof handles of the induction plate are designed to ensure safe and easy handling, reducing the risk of burns while moving the plate.

Does the Aluminum Inner Layer Really Enhance Heat Distribution?

Absolutely, the aluminum inner layer in the heat diffuser’s design contributes to superior heat distribution, eliminating hotspots and ensuring consistent heating across the entire pan surface.

Is the RAINBEAN Heat Diffuser Easy to Clean?

Yes, the heat diffuser plate is crafted from stainless steel, making it easy to clean and maintain. Spills and messes can be wiped off effortlessly, allowing you to continue cooking without interruption.

What Sizes of Pans and Pots can the Induction Plate Accommodate?

The RAINBEAN Heat Diffuser has a size limitation and can accommodate pans and pots with a diameter of up to 7.5 inches. Larger cookware might not cook efficiently on this plate.

Can I Use the Induction Plate With Ceramic Pots?

Yes, the RAINBEAN Heat Diffuser is suitable for a variety of cookware, including ceramic pots, offering versatility in your cooking endeavors.

Does the RAINBEAN 7.5-Inch Heat Diffuser Simmer Ring Plate save energy?

Yes, the induction plate’s design, including its induction cooker adaptability, contributes to energy conservation, making it an eco-friendly choice for cooking.

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