Induction cooktop accessories — Correctly use your cooktop

Induction Cooktop Accessories

Induction cooktop accessories not only help achieve pro-level cooking but also enhance the performance of your induction cooktop. In today’s piece, we’ll share an insightful guide that you can easily follow to familiarize yourself with different induction cooktop accessories, their availability, importance, and how to use them. We will also guide you on how to use your cooktop correctly. Ready? Let’s dive right in!

What Materials Work Best on Induction Cooktops?

It is important to note that induction cooktops function on electromagnetic fields. This is why you should use cookware made from ferrous material (also referred to as magnet material) on your induction cooktop. Some of the recommended materials include stainless steel, cast iron, and enameled cast iron.

How Can You Know the Best Material for Your Induction Cooktop?

You can confirm your cookware’s compatibility with your induction cooktop by using a magnet. To do so, try this simple experiment. Start by moving a magnet slowly on the underside of your cookware. If the magnet clings to the underside of your cookware, then the material used on the cookware is suitable for your induction cooktop use. A lack of magnetic pull between your magnet and your cookware will mean that the cookware is not right for your induction cooktop. Now you know!

What Should You Not Use on an Induction Cooktop?

If you truly treasure your induction cooktop, then you will keep away incompatible cookware and other accessories away from it! This means that you should keep off copper, aluminum, or glass-made accessories from your induction cooktop.

You can, however, improvise the materials to make them compatible with your induction cooktop by masking a magnetic layer at the bottom of your material. This would, in turn, draw your cookware or accessory to the induction cooktop’s magnetic field and facilitate heat transfer.

You should also avoid using cookware that can scratch or damage the surface of your induction cooktop. Before you use any item on your induction cooktop, make sure you conduct thorough research to ensure the item or the material used to make the item won’t damage your unit in any way.

How Do I Keep My Induction Cooktop From Scratching?

Here is how scratches appear and how you can protect your induction cooktop from scratches. Scratches may appear on your induction cooktop as a result of placing rough items on your unit. Scratches could also occur when you apply pressure on the induction cooktop. The pressure could also be from heavy cooking pots or pans placed on the cooktop.

  • The scratches could also be due to the occasional movement of heavy cast iron cookware on the induction cooktop. They may also arise from piled-up dirt that sticks from spilled milk or saturated sugar. Whatever the cause of scratches, you can get rid of them with these simple remedies.
  • Normalize cleaning your cooktop regularly. It is advisable to clean your induction cooktop with mild detergent and paper towels as often as possible.
  • Keep off abrasive cookware material from your induction cooktop.
  • Use an induction cooktop cover.

What is an Induction Cooktop Cover?

An induction cooktop cover is a lightweight mat-like accessory placed on the induction cooktop to safeguard it from cracks and scratches. The protective mat is designed for use in between your induction cooktop and your cookware. Induction cooktop covers help in retaining your cooktop’s original shiny look and prevents your cookware from sliding while on top of induction cooktops. To effectively use these accessories, you should first place them on top of your induction cooktop before switching on the power.

There are a variety of covers in the market today. Most induction cooktop covers are made from silicone, fiber, and glass. On the same note, there are also different brands of induction cooktop covers. While shopping for induction cooktop covers, be sure to consider those that are readily available and easy to clean.

I. Induction Cooktop Silicone Protection Mat

The silicone induction cooktop-protection mat is an induction-friendly cover that is heat and dirt-resistant. This cover tolerates heat from your induction cooktop and, as a result, protects your cookware. The mat also prevents your cooktop from physical damage and minimizes pan vibration.

What We Like About this Mat

  • There is a lot to choose from according to your liking. You can choose a mat in your preferred size and thickness.
  • The covers are adaptable to different cooking temperatures
  • The mat is easy to clean
  • The mat offers food safety and is safe for oven use.
  • The covers can handle utensils made from metal and other materials that would otherwise scratch or damage your cooktop

What We Don’t Like

  • The cover can, at times, have an underwhelming chemical smell to them.
  • The cover is easily stained
  • The mat can catch fire easily
  • With time, the mat can start sticking to your cookware.
  • All factors considered, a silicone protection mat is a helpful accessory to have in the kitchen

II. Bosch Induction Cooktop Cover

Bosch induction cooktop covers are the second most used covers after silicone covers. Just like the silicone covers. Bosch covers make the kitchen experience very exciting.

Why are they a Must-have?

  • They can tolerate high cooking temperatures
  • They are available in different sizes. You can cover the entire induction cooktop with these mats.
  • They minimize kitchen noises that normally arise from the interaction of your cookware and cooktop.

On the Downside

They are susceptible to extreme cooking temperatures. As such, they can melt on the cooktop when your cooktop temperature goes beyond, 4000F

III. Lazy K Induction Cooktop Mat

The Lazy K induction cooktop mat is a flexible and heat-resistant non-stick silicone cover. This cover is made from a combination of silicone and fiberglass materials. This design presents the mat as an excellent heat conductor that ensures uninterrupted heat transfer from your cooktop to your cookware. The modifications also allow the mat to be used when cleaning the fridge, microwave, oven, and general kitchen electronics.

Why is this Cooktop Mat so Competitive and Greatly Loved?

  • The cover protects your induction unit from external abrasions
  • It also offers a protective surface between the cookware and the cooktop. Undoubtedly, it is a great multitasker!

IV. Silpat Induction Cooktop Mat

The Silpat mat not only keeps your pan from sliding but also makes your cooking experience more enjoyable. This multi-purpose mat has an admirable 10-inch diameter that allows you to use it in a microwave and a baking oven. You should note that the Silpat mat is safe up to 500 F. Temperatures beyond this may result in the mat melting, especially if you had spilled some oil on the cover. It is therefore advisable to be careful when handling this accessory and to clean up messy spills off your induction cooktops as soon as they happen.

Induction Heat Diffuser

The importance of an induction heat diffuser cannot be overlooked. Induction heat diffusers not only help with distributing heat around the cooktop; they also ensure that the food is gently and evenly cooked. The stainless steel and aluminum materials in the heat diffuser uniformly distribute the heat to your cooking point, ensuring that your food cooks well with an excellent salivating texture.

Why Would You Buy this Accessory?

This gadget ensures that sensitive food such as oats, rice, or caramel is not overheated.
You can comfortably use any cookware on your induction cooktop with the help of a heat diffuser.
Induction Heat diffusers offer support to your small cookware

Some of the popular induction heat diffuser brands include the Vonshef heat diffuser, the Rainbean brand, and the Gourmia GHP9530 Induction cooker diffuser.

Induction Griddle

An induction griddle is a griddling tool that helps induction cooktop chefs prepare uniformly flavored and well-textured snacks. Some of the popular snacks prepared using this kitchenware are pizzas, burgers, and pancakes. The gadget is also used to prepare healthy food such as vegetables and meat. This induction cooktop accessory is made of durable and rustless stainless steel material.

The stainless steel heats up within a short time and is energy efficient. The kitchenware operates from a precise temperature that is achieved by simultaneously combining thermostatic and manual temperature controls. These qualities make the gadget to be easily monitored and cleaned.

We highly recommend the Nuwave Precision Induction Cast Iron Grill with an Oil Drip tray. This environment-friendly induction griddle saves energy and cooks your food evenly. With this accessory, you can quickly grill your snacks at any time indoors or in the comfort of your space.

Finding an efficient induction cooktop accessory can be a daunting task. Well, not anymore, at least not with the help of this guide. You can now enjoy cooking and eating well-cooked meals with the help of these accessories. With these induction cooktop accessories, you can be assured of faster heating, improved heat consistency, and improved cooking experience. Be keen to buy your accessories from reputable and licensed dealers. You should also prioritize safety, efficiency, and quality. Happy shopping!

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