Induction cooker not switching ON problem [and solution]

induction cooker switching on

As an induction cooker owner, your cooker might fail to switch on even after pressing the ON button.

What should you do? Well, I’ve tabulated the common issues that can cause induction cookers not to switch on and the possible solutions to the problems.

The Induction Stove Power Button not Working [Solutions]

Is your induction stove button not working? Well, before you think of calling out for help from an expert, check the table below to see the possible causes and solutions.

Possible Problem Possible Solution(s)
No power supply to the induction stove
  • Check for tripped-off breakers. You might also be under blackout, and you are not aware.
Inappropriate power connection to the stove
  • Refer to the induction stove manual to ensure the power connection to your stove is made according to the instructions given.
Technical fault
  • If you find all the above correct, contact the technical after-sale service of your induction stove to get expert advice.

The Induction Cooker Touch Panel not Working

Is the control panel of your induction cooker not working? Refer to the table below to find the possible causes and solutions.

Possible Problem Possible Solution(s)
Control Lock is on
  • Find the control lock button, and press it for at least 5 seconds until you hear a sound.
  • If you can’t see the button, refer to your induction cooker manual for steps to follow.
There is dirt on your control panel area
  • Properly wipe the area around your control panel.
A technical issue
  • Contact the technical after-sale service of your cooker to get advice from their experts.

You can also check out this post about solutions for induction cooktops buttons that are not working.

Induction Cooker Error Codes

Just a quick tip, check out the following infographic for error codes and solutions:

Major Induction Cooktops Error Codes Explained

Major Induction Cooktops Error Codes Explained Infographic 

Fix for an Induction Cooker that Cannot Detect a Pan

Your induction cooker cannot detect a pan placed on it. Well, you should first make sure that the pan you are using is induction compatible. This is because your induction cooker will only work with induction cookware. You can check the compatibility of your pan by placing a magnet at the bottom of your pan. If the problem persists, do call for assistance from an expert to diagnose the problem.

Causes of the Induction Cooker Auto-off Problem

Does your induction cooker automatically go off while you are cooking? There are several reasons that could lead to this problem.

  • The first reason is that your cooker might have reached its maximum cooking limit. There’s a feature that comes with your cooker that is designed to always turn it off to ensure it is not overworked.
  • Secondly, the sensors in some induction cookers can turn off your cooker if you don’t place any induction cookware. This can happen even if you don’t correctly center your cookware on the cooking zone of your induction cooker.
  • Lastly, most induction cooktops have heat sensors. These sensors will always shut off your cooker when the internal temperature of the cooker exceeds the expected.

Before you start fixing your cooker or call someone to help you fix it, always refer to your cooker manual to find possible reasons for your induction cooker automatically going off.

Causes of Induction Cooker not Heating

An induction cooker can only heat when cookware made of magnetic material is placed on the cooking zone. If you use any cookware that is not induction compatible, your cooker will not heat. Therefore, if you place cookware on your induction cooker, and it fails to heat, check whether the cookware you are using is induction compatible. You can do this by putting a magnet at the bottom of your cookware. If the magnet is attracted to it, then it is made of a magnetic material.

For non-induction cookware, use the solution outlined in this post.

Also, the problem could be a result of other technical issues. In this case, you should contact a technician to come and service your induction cooker.

Troubleshooting an Induction Hob that’s not Turning ON

If your induction hob is not turning on, there could be a problem with your power supply, or maybe your cooker has a problem. Once you discover that your hob is not working, don’t be in a hurry to call out for help.

One of the first things to do is to check your hob’s power supply. Ask yourself the following questions: Is your hob plugged into the socket? Are the terminal connectors of your power supply adequately tightened, if any? Is the current flowing through your circuit to the bob?

You can use a multimeter to test your socket in AC mode. You should get a reading of at least 230 volts to be sure that the power well supplies your hob. If the power supply is just ok, contact the technical after-sale service of your hob to help you analyze the problem.

Can You Fix an Induction Hob that’s Not Working On One Side?

Have you ever noticed that one side of your induction hob is not working?

Well, this could either be a minor problem or a serious problem. It might be because your hob is not connected to the power supply as stated or because its components have some issues.

The first thing to do when you experience this is to check if your appliance is correctly connected to the electrical supply, as stated in the appliance’s manual. If there is a need for a link connection in your appliance, ensure it is well-fitted as per the installation instruction.

If the above solution does not solve your problem, we recommend that you call for a service engineer to come and look into the issue.

When I Was Writing this Post, I Found Other Related Questions.

Here are some additional questions that will help you handle an induction cooktop that’s not switching ON.

1. How Do You Reset an Induction Cooktop?

Do you want to reset your induction cooktop? Well, it’s easy. Just go to the circuit breaker supplying power to your appliance, put it off for at least 30 seconds, then put it on again. You will have to reset your cooktop.

2. Can an Induction Cooker Be Repaired?

Yes. But before you do so, please take note that induction cooktops are more complex than others, such as gas cooktops. The more complicated a cooktop is, the harder it is to repair. To avoid making the problem worse, we recommend you contact a technician to repair it for you.

3. Why Does My Induction Cooktop Keep Turning Off?

If your induction keeps turning off, it might be because you are using cookware that does not properly fit on the cooktop. This might be causing much heating inside the cooktop. Also, your induction cooktop might have reached its maximum cooking time limit, which makes it go off automatically.

4. What Happens if You Leave an Induction Hob On?

If you leave an induction on without cookware on it, nothing will happen. This is because the induction process cannot be completed without the induction cookware. Thus, no heat will be produced.

5. How Do You Troubleshoot an Induction Cooker?

Depending on the problem you are facing with your induction cooker, you should refer to your induction manual to be in a position to troubleshoot the problem. You can even refer to the above guidelines to see how to troubleshoot the issues stated. We hope this guide will help you find a solution to your induction problems.

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