How to Cut Granite for a Larger Cooktop During a Replacement


Do you want to replace your small cooktop with a larger one? If so, you must expect to cut your already-fitted granite to fit your larger cooktop.

Granite is one of the best materials for your kitchen when it comes to making cooktop countertops and other parts of the kitchen. The preciousness and durability of granite make it to be pricey. For this reason, you must come up with careful strategies to ensure you do not tamper with it during cutting. As long as you have a template of the larger cooktop, a circular saw, and a power sander, cutting your granite will be very easy.

Steps for Cutting a Countertop for a Larger Induction Cooktop

Worried about the steps to follow while cutting your granite countertop? If yes, here you will find a step-by-step guide on how you can cut your granite correctly to fit your larger cooktop.

Step 1 – Tracing Using a Template

The first thing to do is to place the template of your larger cooktop onto the granite countertop. You must make sure the edges of the template are overlapping the existing cutout hole. Use a marker pen to trace the perimeter of your template onto the countertop, then remove the template.

You can put masking tape beneath the edges of your template and then draw your perimeter lines on it. This will prevent the blade from causing unnecessary scratches on your granite.

Step 2 – Cut Using a Circular Saw

Place the base of your circular saw onto one of the lines you drew on your countertop. Attach a vacuum to your saw’s hose. Turn on the vacuum to ensure all the specks of dust produced are drawn away. Start your saw, and push the blade along the drawn line to cut through your granite slab until you meet the adjoining line.

Step 3 – Reposition Your Saw and Cut On

Reposition your saw onto the adjoining line. Cut this line as you did in step 2. Continue with this step all-round the cutout area until you have cut out the entire outlined area.

Step 4 – Sand the Edges

Next, it is time to use your power sander. Make sure your sander is equipped with 100-grit sandpaper to achieve a smooth edge on your granite. If the edges of your cutout are curved, use the sander to finish the cut angles of the corners of your cutout. It would be best if you do this until you reach the drawn lines of the template.

Step 5 – Clean the Surface

It’s clean-up time! First, you have to remove the tape from your countertop surface. After removing the tape, use a tack cloth to remove any residue left on the countertop from the cutting process. You can use some water in your cloth to ensure all the residues are wiped out at once.

Now you have a well-cut countertop. You can now fit your larger cooktop to enjoy your cooking.

Common Questions

Find additional information on how to cut your countertop to accommodate a larger induction cooktop.

1. Can You Cut Already Installed Granite?

So long as you have additional space on your countertop, the answer is yes. By following the steps highlighted above, you will be able to achieve a smooth cut on your granite.

2. What Is the Best Blade to Cut Granite?

The answer to this question depends on the thickness of your granite. If your granite is in the tile format, you can use an ordinary circular saw using a dry-cut stone blade. Since granite is very hard, the best blade is that which is carbide or diamond-tipped. If your granite is in the slab format, you can use a wet-cut blade, since you will need water to cool it.

3. Can I Cut Granite With an Angle Grinder?

Yes. An angle grinder is an easy-to-use tool. As long as you do not need a curved cut on your granite, you can use it. But before you use it, you must make sure you have protective equipment, such as dust masks and eyeglasses, to protect yourself from inhaling the dust.

4. How Do You Attach a Granite Countertop to a Cooktop?

First, you have to confirm if your cooktop is properly fitting into your granite countertop. Properly clean the cut area with acetone in a rag to remove dirt and debris. Apply a continuous bead of silicone onto the cut edge.

Place your cooktop into the cut space and firmly press it on all sides to provide a tight seal. Allow the silicone to cure for 24 hours before connecting an energy source to your cooktop.

5. Can I Cut Granite Myself?

Yes. You don’t need to be a stonemason to cut granite. All you have to do is to gather the right materials and take precautions, and you will achieve clean and precise cuts.

6. How Can I Make My Granite Hole Bigger?

When enlarging an existing hole, you need to choose a larger bit according to your needs. Remember to center your larger bit on top of the smaller hole before you start drilling. By doing this, you will have enlarged your granite hole.

7. What Is the Best Way to Cut Granite?

The best way to cut granite is to use the best blade with a strong tip. You can also follow the steps stated above to achieve a smart cut on your granite.

8. Can You Cut Granite With a Jigsaw?

As a handheld tool, a jigsaw will offer you flexibility when you need to cut through something. The saws work well when cutting curved lines in several materials. By using the right blades, such as the Diamond Jigsaw blade, you can cut through harder materials such as granite.

The only problem with this blade is that you are limited to ½ inch of the granite that you can cut. You can use the jigsaw to achieve curved lines in your granite.

9. How Do You Cut a Granite Countertop With a Grinder?

Do you have a grinder but are worried about how you can use it to cut your countertop with granite? Well, by following the step highlighted above, you can do it correctly. The steps are general and should be followed regardless of the kind of material you are using to achieve your cut.

Note: Since a grinder will release the particles from the cut into the atmosphere, wear a dust mask and safety glasses to protect you from inhaling the dangerous dusk.

Fact: You will need to cut your lines partially until you finish cutting. By partially, we mean that you should not cut through the depth of your granite at once.

If you are planning to replace your small cooktop with a larger cooktop, you will be required to cut your granite countertop for it to fit. Make sure you follow the steps explained above to achieve an excellent cut on your granite.

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