Best Induction Cooktops

Best Induction Cooktops

A few years ago, I came across an article that outlined the perks of using induction hobs. The one that caught my eye said these appliances are 3X more efficient than gas stoves. I didn’t need further persuasion. I switched tabs and searched for a good induction cooker. Within a few seconds, I was bombarded with hundreds of products. It was overwhelming!

Although having many appliances to choose from might seem like an advantage, it can work against you in a heartbeat. Remember, the more products you come across, the higher your chances of selecting the wrong one. But that doesn’t mean you should stick to outdated gas or electric stoves.

If you want an induction stove badly, my article will help. Below, I’ve listed and reviewed the best induction cooktops and ranges today. Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of top-range appliances? Let’s go.

Top Induction Stoves in 2023

Admittedly, many quality induction stoves are available out there. But some are better than others and vice versa. With that in mind, here’s a list of my top picks for 2023:

1. GE Profile™ 30″ Smart Slide-In

GE Profile 30 Smart Slide-In

GE Profile is the first product on my list. In my opinion, it’s the best of its kind. Several of its features have made me come to that conclusion. First, this top-quality range has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows the user to connect to their appliance and control or manage it remotely using a linked smartphone or tablet. Additionally, the appliance supports voice commands, which makes it suitable even for people with mobility or vision challenges.

The other feature that makes GE Profile infallible in my eyes is guided cooking. The first time I used this appliance, I wasn’t the kitchen guru I am today. But it made everything a tard easier by providing guided cooking recipes from Hestan Cue. I still use the video-guided recipes offered by the appliance to prepare delicious meals and improve my culinary skills.

Pros -What I Like

  • The range has built-in Wi-Fi and supports downloadable software upgrades. So controlling and keeping the appliance in tip-top shape is a breeze.
  • While using GE Profile, you can prepare different treats based on the video-guided recipes it’s equipped with. They are from skilled chefs and come with everything, including automatic temperature, cooking pace, and time adjustments.
  • GE Profile supports sous vide cooking. You can use it to prepare your meats and fish in a temperature-controlled water bath.
  • The appliance’s air fry doesn’t require preheating, which helps you reduce cooking time while preparing the crispiest delicacies.
  • Its glide touch controls are fingerprint-resistant. With this appliance, you won’t have to worry about wiping away smudges when using the control panel.
  • The appliance’s oven racks don’t need scrubbing. A simple self-clean cycle is enough to restore their pristine condition.
  • GE Appliances guarantees that this induction hob will fit any 30” cut-out. And if you buy it and it fails to fit, the manufacturer offers to pay up to $300 for modifications.

Cons – What I Don’t Like

  • Some users have reported issues connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • The appliance is pricey.

2. IKEA Induction Cooktop at Ikea

IKEA Induction Cooktop at Ikea

The Sandrag IKEA range is on my list because, first, it’s simple but sleek and stylish. When installed properly, it looks like a flat-screen TV installed on your kitchen counter. Most importantly, I consider it one of the best appliances today since it has auto-sizing elements. Simply put, the IKEA cooktop can adapt to any cookware’s size. You can use a large, medium, or small pot or pan without worrying about detection failure or heat wastage.

You’ll also love the IKEA induction cooktop if you have a household with kids. The reason is that it comes with a lock function that deactivates the cooktop’s controls. So, while cooking, you can step out without worrying about your munchkins tampering with the cooking zones and ruining the food. Additionally, this feature ensures it stays off when you’re not using it. So your young ones can’t turn the appliance on and do something shady or waste electricity when you’re away.

Pros – What I Like

  • This range comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • It has a power booster feature that ensures a specific cooking zone receives the additional power needed to sear meat, boil water, or stir-fry food.
  • The appliance has a rest zone where you can place a pan after cooking or position a plate for holding pancakes and other treats.
  • Like other top-shelf cooktops, this one has a built-in timer that allows the user to set the exact cooking time.
  • While using this induction hob, you can easily regulate heat. All you have to do is tap on the suitable temperature on the display or slide a finger across the incorporated temperature scale.
  • The appliance only heats the cookware, not the cooktop. So spills don’t burn and stick on the surface, which makes cleaning easier.

Cons – What I Don’t Like

  • Some users have complained about uneven heating.

3. LG Smart Induction Slide-In Range with AirFry

LG Smart Induction Slide-In Range with AirFry

This LG smart induction hob is a marvel. Several features have enabled this appliance to earn a spot in my review. To begin with, it comes with an AirFry feature. If you are a big fan of air frying, you can use the LF smart range to prepare your favorite crispy and crunchy foods, from veggies like Brussels sprouts and broccoli to cheat-day treats like homemade crisps and doughnuts.

Furthermore, the range is equipped with ProBake Convection®. If you are a keen baker, this is what you need to take your baked goods to a whole new level. It’s an indispensable feature that ensures the LG Smart Induction Slide-In Range with AirFry delivers precise, even heat to every rack in the oven. Not to forget, the baking compartment has an advanced dual-speed fan installed to distribute super-heated air to all racks and corners, which is crucial in preventing cold and hot spots while baking.

Pros – What I Like

  • This top-notch smart range allows you to bake perfect goodies and prepare delicious air-fried treats.
  • The appliance supports air sous vide cooking. It also supplies everything needed to prepare tender, juicy poultry, fish, and meats, including superb airflow and optimum oven temperatures.
  • This product has an intuitive, sleek glass control panel that allows you to operate it with your finger.
  • It comes with an easy-to-clean, smudge and finger-resistant finish. You can keep it pristine by wiping the surfaces with a soft, dry cloth.
  • The appliance comes with the ThinQ® app, allowing users to fire up the oven, check on cooking progress, and set timers from anywhere. It also supports voice control with Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • While cooking with the oven, knocking twice on the oven’s glass door turns on an interior light and gives you a glimpse of the cooking food.

Cons – What I Don’t Like

  • Some users have reported that some of the cooktop’s burners stop working within a few months.

4. Bosch 800 Series NIT8660UC

Bosch 800 Series NIT8660UC

Bosch is renowned for manufacturing top-quality kitchen appliances, and the Bosch 800 Series NIT8660UC is no exception. This is a stylish black cooktop that comes without a frame. It has 5 burners and frying levels.

The Bosch 800 Series NIT8660UC also allows you to enjoy precise cooking by choosing a preferred heat level from a range of numbered options. Additionally, it’s equipped with AutoChef®, a setting that can automatically regulate and adjust cooking temperatures.

Pros – What I Like

  • With this cooktop, you don’t have to worry about overheating or overcooking the food. You can activate AutoChef® and let the appliance regulate and adjust the temperatures whenever necessary.
  • The appliance has numerous safety features, including pan recognition, a Key Lock, and a childproof lock.
  • You can use the cooktop’s Keep Warm function to keep your food warm and ready to serve without popping a dish in the oven or worrying about scorching.
  • The cooktop is easy to use and clean.

Cons – What I Don’t Like

  • The controls blend in too well with the rest of the cooktop, which makes them challenging to read, especially when the appliance is off.
  • Some users say their cooktop burners turn off unexpectedly.

5. Whirlpool – 30″ Built-In Electric Induction Cooktop

Whirlpool - 30 Built-In Electric Induction Cooktop

Whirlpool is one of my favorite stainless-steel cooktops. Since it’s made of stainless steel, this appliance is more durable than many other alternatives, including glass and ceramic products. You can cook with the cooktop for years without worrying about premature cracking or shattering.

But the stainless-steel material isn’t the only reason I consider this appliance an exemplary cooktop. Others include a wonderful finish that lends it a sleek, stylish appearance. Moreover, the cooker has 4 heating elements that you can use to reduce the meal preparation time and a user-friendly LED touch-screen control panel.

Pros – What I Like

  • The cooktop is eye-catching and suitable for improving any kitchen’s visual appeal.
  • It comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts and labor.
  • This cooktop is made to last.
  • It’s easy to clean.

Cons – What I Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t support voice commands.
  • It’s not fingerprint-resistant and smudges easily.
  • No auto shut off or child lock.
  • It’s quite pricey for a cooktop that isn’t a range.

6. Samsung Slide-In Induction Range 

Samsung Slide-In Induction Range

Last on my list is the Samsung Slide-In Induction Range. It ranks with the best for numerous outstanding reasons. For starters, the appliance relies on Samsung’s infamous Smart Rapid Heat Technology. In a nutshell, the technology allows the cooktop to boil anything 2X faster than other electric and gas cooktops. That means this range is hyper-fast and the best option for anyone who wants to cook more without wasting time.

With this range, you can harness the unmatched power of the 3200W burners installed on the 4 available cooking zones.  And you won’t have to worry about washing and scrubbing the oven since the appliance has steam and self-cleaning functions.

Pros – What I Like

  • The range supports Wi-Fi connectivity and voice commands.
  • It’s fingerprint resistant, so you don’t have to worry about prints ruining its aesthetic appeal or making cleaning a chore.
  • It has a child safety lock that prevents kids from accidentally turning on the cooktop or oven.
  • The product comes with a SmartThings app that helps you find recipes, plan your meals, and use your smartphone with the range.
  • It’s compatible with diverse Android Google and Apple IOS devices.

Cons – What I Don’t Like

  • Some people find the cooktop’s cooking areas limited.

Honorable Mentions

Our picks are great. The features are amazing. But our list couldn’t be complete without other top brands in the industry. In your search, also consider the options below:

How to Choose the Best Induction Hobs: Buying Guide

As you can see, many quality induction hobs and ranges are readily available today. But you can’t purchase all of them for your personal use, right? If you have an average home, one item should be enough. The tips below should help you pick the best appliance for your kitchen.

  • If you have kids, look for an appliance with advanced safety features like automatic shutdown and child lock.
  • Check every product’s power rate. The key to faster cooking is going with an induction hob with a higher power rate (1000-2000W).
  • Ensure you choose an induction hob with cooking zones that match the size of your cookware. If you don’t pay attention to this factor, you may have to replace all your pans and pots.
  • Consider prioritizing cooktops with a power boost feature. It will come in handy when you need to cook food or boil water quickly.
  • Look for an affordable appliance that supports smart connectivity. With it, you can do almost everything remotely via an app, from preheating the oven to controlling the cooking process.


Picking an excellent induction hob from the countless products available isn’t easy. That is more so since every brand claims their appliances are flawless and exceptional. But we all know better than that, don’t we? And since I’ve fallen for this lie many times and know how heartbreaking buying a subpar induction cooktop can be, I’m here to help.

My review has introduced you to today’s most outstanding induction appliances, from the GE Profile™ 30″ Smart Slide-In to the Samsung Slide-In Induction Range. Hopefully, you’ve read through their specs, pros, and cons. Most importantly, I hope you’ll use this information to separate the good from the bad and the ugly. After all, your kitchen deserves nothing but the best appliances, right?

Common Questions

How does an induction cooktop work?

Induction cooktops generate an electromagnetic field when an electrical current passes through a coil beneath the cooking surface. This field induces heat in compatible ferrous (magnetic) cookware, which then cooks the food.

What are the advantages of using an induction cooktop?

Induction cooktops offer rapid heating, precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and safety features like automatic shut-off. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Is induction cooking safe?

Induction cooking is considered safe because it heats only the cookware and the area around it remains cool. There’s also no open flame or exposed heating element, reducing the risk of burns.

Do I need special cookware for induction cooktops?

Yes, you need cookware that is compatible with induction cooking, which means it should be made of ferrous (magnetic) materials like cast iron or stainless steel. You can check if your cookware is induction-compatible by using a magnet; if it sticks to the bottom, it’s suitable for induction.

How energy-efficient are induction cooktops?

Induction cooktops are highly energy-efficient because they heat cookware directly and don’t waste heat on the surrounding air. They are often more efficient than gas or electric cooktops.

Do induction cooktops require special electrical wiring?

Induction cooktops typically require a dedicated circuit with specific voltage and amperage. You may need to consult an electrician to ensure your kitchen is properly wired for an induction cooktop.

Can I use any type of pot or pan on an induction cooktop?

Not all pots and pans are suitable for induction cooking. Non-magnetic materials like aluminum, copper, and glass won’t work unless they have an induction-compatible base.

Can I use induction cooktops for canning or large pots?

Induction cooktops are generally suitable for canning and large pots, but you should check the cooktop’s specifications for power levels and size limitations to ensure they meet your specific needs.

Do induction cooktops produce noise or emit radiation?

Induction cooktops are generally quiet during operation. As for radiation, they emit electromagnetic fields, but these are considered safe for humans and are confined to the cookware.

Are there any disadvantages to using induction cooktops?

The primary disadvantages are the need for induction-compatible cookware and the initial cost, which can be higher than traditional cooktops. Additionally, some users may need time to adjust to the precise temperature control.

Can I cook with large and heavy pots on an induction cooktop?

Yes, many induction cooktops can accommodate large and heavy pots and pans, but it’s important to check the weight capacity and size specifications of the specific model you are considering.

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