How to Grill on an Electric Stove – Step-By-Step Process

How to Grill on an Electric Stove - Step-By-Step Process

The nice smoky flavor of grilled foods is irresistible, but not everyone has the space (or money) for an outdoor grill. Luckily, it’s possible to get grill marks and a smoky taste indoors on an electric stove. And we’re going to teach you all about it!

How to Grill on an Electric Stove – Easy Steps

How to Grill on an Electric Stove

How to Grill on an Electric Stove Infographic

With a ridged grill pan or cast iron pan, you can grill delicious burgers, steaks, and vegetables. It only takes a little technique.

Here’s a recipe on how to grill on your electric stove.

What You Need

  • Electric Cooktop/stove
  • Cooking oil/marinade
  • Grill Pan
  • Beef, Chicken, or veggies
  • Flip tongs
  • Wood pellets (Hickory, mesquite, applewood, and cherry wood)

Preheat and Prepare

Preheat your electric stove to high heat. Let the grill pan get very hot before adding food to get that sear you usually get from an outdoor grill. Brush or rub your meat or veggies with a little oil or marinade, so they don’t stick.

Cook in Batches 

Don’t overcrowd the pan—cooking in batches helps ensure proper grill marks. Put your ingredients in the pan and let them cook undisturbed for 2-3 minutes so they get nice char marks.

Flip Properly

Use tongs to flip each piece; don’t use a fork which can poke holes and dry out meat. Flip only once or a few times during cooking. Press down lightly as it cooks after flipping to maximize surface contact.

Add Smoky Flavor 

This is a tricky one, but it’s super simple! Sprinkle chips or pellets of wood onto the grill pan. Hickory, mesquite, applewood, and cherry wood give a nice smoky barbecue flavor.

Remove and Repeat

When your food reaches that perfect doneness, remove it from the grill pan and repeat the process with the remaining batches. Let the meat rest for 5 minutes before serving.

Can I Use a Cast Iron Grill on an Electric Stove Top?


Cast iron grill pans work great on electric stoves for indoor grilling. Heat the cast iron slowly so it distributes heat evenly. Use oil to prevent sticking. Because cast iron retains heat so well, keep the temperature lower than with other grill pans to avoid burning. Cast iron’s heat retention can also mimic the charcoal flavors of outdoor grilling. 

Final Thoughts

While outdoor grilling might not always be possible, you don’t have to forget nice BBQ flavors. With a good grill pan and our recipe above, you can imitate that charred, smoky taste of the grill right on your kitchen’s electric stovetop. Try it out with different wood chips and recipes. 

Common Questions

What type of pan works best for grilling on an electric stove?

Heavy cast iron or ridged grill pan conducts heat evenly and can mimic grill marks on an electric stove top. Look for a pan with a thick bottom to prevent hotspots.

What temperature should I preheat the grill pan to?

Preheat your electric stove top to high, between 450-500°F. You want the grill pan very hot before adding food to get that charred grill effect.

Should I use oil or marinades on food before indoor grilling? 

Yes, lightly coating food with oil or marinades prevents sticking and facilitates browning. Go light on sugary marinades which can burn.

How do I get grill marks on food?

Let food cook undisturbed for 2-3 minutes before flipping once. Don’t move pieces around or they won’t get those charred grill marks. Cook in batches.

How can I get smoky flavors when grilling indoors?

Toss wood chips or pellets onto the hot grill pan. Hickory, applewood and mesquite are good options. Avoid softwoods like pine which can impart a bitter taste. 

How long should I let meat rest after indoor grilling?

Let meat rest at least 5 minutes before cutting to allow juices to redistribute. The internal temperature will rise a bit during this time too.

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