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As an adventurous person, you’re likely to spend most of your time traveling and living in your RV. And why not? RVs give the comfort of home while on the road. But what options do you have when it comes to preparing a meal? What cooking option is most suitable?

Well, given the small setup, it would be advisable to settle on flameless cooking alternatives. Careless fire incidents would otherwise be dangerous and life-threatening. Induction cooking is the easiest and quickest way of cooking while on the road. In this post, we’ll discuss the advantages of using induction cooktops while on the road. We’ll also review the top 3 induction cooktop options for RVs.

How We Tested

Through travel and power fluctuations, the leading RV induction models combined reliable functioning with safety features needed for mobile cooking. Any shortcomings came from physical size constraints or output limitations only certain vehicles can provide.  

  • We performed acceleration tests by heating 5 quarts of water with RV in motion vs stationary
  • Cooked full meals on rough dirt roads to evaluate stability
  • We looked at temperature control features and the toughness of the cooktops

Best Induction Cooktop for Van Life

The induction cooktop market has grown exponentially. Currently, there is a wide array of induction cooktops to choose from. They include portable induction cooktops, built-in induction cooktops, to multiple-burner induction cooktops. This can make selecting the best induction Cooktop for van life a hassle. However, the basic points to check out when shopping for an RV’s Induction cooktop are reliability, affordability, and efficiency.

Highlighted below are the top 3 induction cooktop options that we highly recommend:

1. NutriChef Double Induction Cooktop

NutriChef Double Induction Cooktop

This double induction cooktop is made by NutriChef, a reputable company that supplies some of the finest appliances and cookware today. It has 2 cooking zones, so you can make more than one meal simultaneously and reduce cooking time. Each heating zone has its own configurable temperature settings, so you can tweak either to meet your needs and preferences.

The other feature that has encouraged me to include the NutriChef Double Induction Cooktop in this review is multiple cooking modes. While using this induction hob, you can quickly switch between different cooking modes. The cooktop’s panel displays symbols with diverse options, including simmer, fry, and boil. All you have to do is tap the preferred one.

Pros – What I Like

  • It comes with 2 cooking zones with independent temperature settings.
  • Users can switch from one cooking mode to another by tapping a symbol.
  • The cooktop has a child safety lock function that you can use to deter young kids from tampering with the operating buttons and getting injured.
  • It’s compact and lightweight, meaning it can conveniently fit in an RV without eating up too much space.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It is made from durable stainless steel.

Cons – What I Don’t Like

  • Some users have complained about temperature control problems.

2. NUWAVE Flex Precision Induction Cooktop

NUWAVE Flex Precision Induction Cooktop

Driving an RV loaded with sensitive items can be a nightmare. I’ve done it countless times, only to realize later that a few things cracked and shattered along the way. But with a NUWAVE induction cooktop, you don’t have to worry about this issue. The cooktop is made of shatter-proof ceramic glass and can handle rough conditions associated with outdoor adventure exceedingly well, including bumpy roads.

The cooktop also comes with a non-stick ceramic pan. So, after buying it, you won’t have to worry about spending more on an induction-ready pan or an interface disc. Not to mention, with the pan, you can easily prepare different meals from the comfort of your RV’s kitchen area, from fried vegetables and meat to rice and chicken stir-fry.

Pros – What I Like

  • The cooktop is small, meaning it can even fit in an RV with limited space.
  • It’s made of resilient, durable material, indispensable since outdoor environments are often associated with harsh conditions.
  • The cooktop’s surface is made of shatter-proof glass, guaranteed to withstand high heat without shattering.
  • It has a manual setting that allows users to exercise utmost control over variables like time and temperature.
  • The cooktop has a safety built-in feature that automatically shuts off the cooking element after a predetermined cook time.
  • It’s lightweight and portable, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Cons – What I Don’t Like

  • The cooktop has a single cooking zone

3. Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop

Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop

Cuisinart knows that first impressions matter. That is why their cooktop has an arresting, sleek appearance. That is what impresses me most about this appliance. I also advise RV owners and outdoor enthusiasts to consider it because it’s lightweight and easy to clean. Rest assured that it will take up little space.

This appliance is also a double induction cooktop and relies on a technology that facilitates quick heat up and guarantees consistent heating. Moreover, each cooking zone or burner has a dedicated ON/OFF switch. Furthermore, the cooktop automatically turns off the heat 30 seconds after detecting that a pan or pot has been removed.

Pros – What I Like

  • This induction hob has two cooking zones that can be used simultaneously.
  • It has an easy-to-clean glass top.
  • Each cooking zone has its own ON/OFF switch and 150-minute timer.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.

Cons – What I Don’t Like

  • No safety feature.
  • The cooktop is underpowered.

4. AMZCHEF Induction Cooker

AMZCHEF Induction Cooker

This is yet another double induction cooker that I’m madly in love with. It’s stylish and cute, courtesy of its black crystal glass surface and enchanting silver edges. If you want to travel in style in your RV, this cooktop should be an excellent addition to your existing appliances. And don’t worry about space because this cooktop is compact and conveniently sized.  

If you prefer to cut cooking time by preparing 2 meals together, consider purchasing the AMZCHEF induction cooker. It has two independent cooking zones that you can use separately or simultaneously. Moreover, the appliance has 2 distinct cooking modes: Temperature Mode and Power Mode. You can set specific power or temperature depending on your needs and preferences.

Pros – What I Like

  • It has 2 cooking zones for faster meal preparation.
  • Compact size, making it easy to use and store in an RV.
  • The cooktop has a countdown timer that lets you set from 1 minute to 2 hours.
  • It comes with a safety lock and automatic switch-off feature.
  • Easy to use and clean.

Cons – What I Don’t Like

  • Some users have complained about the product giving an error code a few minutes after cooking commences.

5. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

Duxton is one of the most portable induction cookers available today. It’s one of my favorite appliances because it’s small and can fit snugly in my RV’s kitchen with limited space. Moreover, it has a neat, easy-to-clean glass top that I can clean effortlessly with a wet towel after preparing my meal.

The Duxtop 1800W portable induction cooktop’s other outstanding feature is auto-pan detection. Its primary responsibility is to turn off the unit after detecting no cookware for 60 seconds. So, with this appliance, you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving your induction stove on for an extended period and dealing with high energy bills.

Pros – What I Like

  • It’s small, easy to handle, and store.
  • It comes with a built-in countdown timer with 10 minutes max
  • The control panel has 10 temperature settings and power levels
  • The cooktop uses a 7-blade fan to dissipate heat more effectively.
  • It has a warning system that notifies the user whenever the voltage is too low or high
  • The product comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Cons – What I Don’t Like

  • The product has one cooking zone

6. True Induction TI-2C Cooktop

True Induction TI-2C Cooktop

This stylish induction cooktop is True Induction’s pride and joy. It’s made of cast iron and comes with 2 burners. According to manufacturer specifications, this product’s recommended voltage is 120 volts, and it’s equipped with radiant burners designed to emit radiant, convective heat.

True Induction is small and compact. That means you can easily haul in your RV and take it out whenever you want to prepare a meal. It also comes with simple, intuitive controls that even a newbie can master quickly.

Pros – What I Like

  • The cooktop is designed for easy storage and doesn’t demand too much space.
  • It has 2 cooking zones, which allows the user to accomplish more with less time.
  • It comes with safety and energy-saving features.
  • It has a smooth, sleek ceramic-glass top that’s incredibly easy to clean.

Cons – What I Don’t Like

  • Some users complain about subpar heat distribution.

Honorable Mentions – Other Top Portable Induction Stoves for RV

While our choices of induction hobs are great for your RV, we thought it would be nice if you checked out the following portable induction cookers as well. You might find something closer to your preference:

What are the Advantages of Having an Induction Cooktop in Your RV?

There is a long list of benefits associated with using Induction cooktops in your RV.

Induction cooktops use magnetic induction to heat your pots and cook. This method ensures that heat is only retained inside your cooking pot. As a result, the cooktop saves a lot of energy.
Heat is not lost to the environment when using induction cooktops. This means that the RV setting is not warmed or steamed up unnecessarily. Through induction cooking, a cool and fresh environment is maintained in the RV
You are assured of hastened cooking when using induction cooktops. Induction cooktops are fast such that you can boil water in less than a minute.
Induction cooktops do make cleaning after meals very easy and minimal. Induction cooktops are flat and smooth, and this makes it easy for you to clean. Additionally, unlike in other forms of cooking, spills from Induction cooking rarely dry on or bake onto your cookware.

How to Use a True Induction Cooktop

  • Plug the cooktop into a standard outlet (120V outlet).
  • Press the power button.
  • Observe as the power light indicators turn on.
  • The default temperature setting of True Induction Cooktops is 270 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can adjust the temperature setting by pressing the “+/-” key. The unit heats immediately after placing ferromagnetic cookware on it.
  • Cook your meal to your liking (texture and flavor).
  • Once you’re finished cooking, turn off your cooktop and wipe it d with a slightly damp cloth
    In case you want to use the timer, press the Timer button, and then use the Plus/Minus keys to change the time. You will notice there is a 0 – 150-minute allocation on your burner. The burner shuts itself off when the time has elapsed.

Advantages of Using True Induction Cooktops

  • The units are energy-efficient
  • The units have overheating sensors that turn off the cooktop once they detect no cookware
  • You can be assured of precise cooking when using these units (timer function and advanced temperature setting)
  • When not using the cooktop, you can use the flat surface as counter space or storage
  • True Induction cooktops are easy to use.

True Induction Double Burner Cooktop (T1-2C)

One feature that distinguishes True Induction from other brands in the market is the fact that its double burner cooktop can share power between two burners on the power of 1800 watts when connected to a 120V wall outlet. This feature cooks food fast and saves time, energy, and money.

The TI-2C is a lightweight unit that is easy to install, use, and clean. This model has a scratch-resistant glass-ceramic surface that lacks crevices that tend to collect food particles or grease. Another advantage of this cooktop is that it has a built-in power-off feature that detects the placement or removal of cookware. This cooktop includes a maximum temperature of 232.22 °C to help prevent overheating or unforeseen cases of extreme injury or fire. Additionally, you can easily configure the unit to a portable or counter-inset model.

True Induction 4 Burner Cooktop (T1-4B)

This unit is one of the best built-in induction cooktops for RVs. T1-4B prides itself on excellent performance, durable construct, admirable quality, and numerous safety features. Among the safety features, is a control panel that can be locked against children or pets. The control panel is advanced in that it detects spills, cookware, and even overheating. The burners in this unit work simultaneously under controlled temperature, heat, and precise time.

RV Induction Cooktop Power Consumption

Induction cooktops’ ability to transfer heat consistently and efficiently is one factor that makes Induction Cooktops stand out. Some cooktops even have speed boosts that speed up cooking two times faster than other means of cooking. Induction cooktops are also known for their faster heating and cooling abilities.

Luckily, the heating setting can easily be adjusted from low to high, depending on the required heat level. What is the estimated power consumption of an RV Induction Cooktop? Typically, the heating element of an induction cooktop uses a maximum power of 1600W. However, the overall power consumption will be determined by your usage. What you can be sure of is that using an induction cooktop will be cheaper than using an electric coil or a gas cooktop.

What is the Best Induction Cookware for RV

Induction cooktops work on unique principles that call for specific pans and pots. Induction burners use electromagnetism to generate heat. How? Inside the cooktop, is a copper coil that creates a magnetic field when the power is turned on. It is this magnetic field that generates an electrical current when a cooking vessel is placed on it, causing the cookware to heat up.

Induction-compatible cookware needs to be magnetized and clearly labeled as induction-ready. Cooking vessels with a ferrous material, such as cast iron or tri-ply clad stainless, work well with induction cooktops. These materials not only heat fast, but they also distribute heat evenly!

When purchasing optimal induction cookware, the bottom should be flat with a diameter of 4.5 to 10 inches. This cookware size will guarantee the best heating and cooking results.

Care and Maintenance of RV Induction Cooktop

Always remember that induction cooktops have a glass surface that makes them delicate and fragile. Any harsh movement of cookware or kitchen utensils on the countertop may lead to it becoming scratched or damaged. Below are tips that have been time-tested and proven to prevent scratches on your RV Induction Cooktop:

Avoid moving the cookware back and forth over the cooktop’s burner. This habit tends to create scratches on your Induction cooktop. Instead, you should lift your pans/pots from the surface and move them without touching the surface.
Always use smoothly-bottomed pots and pans on your Induction Cooktop. Rough pans increase the chances of scratching/spoiling your Induction Cooktop.
Wipe and clean up spills immediately after they occur. Leaving them unattended increases their chances of sticking onto your cooktop or even baking on. Clean spills and residues using a friendly cleaner and a wet kitchen towel. Do not use abrasive cleaners and always ensure that the Induction Cooktop is adequately cool
At no cost should you allow contact between your Induction Cooktop and aluminum foil!


What are the Factors to Consider When Buying an Induction Cooktop?

Whether you are shopping for domestic or road use, it is important to have the following factors in check for a satisfactory induction cooktop shopping experience.


The cost of your cooktop is directly related to its size and the features it comes with. You should always accommodate long-term energy costs in your purchase budget.

Space vs. Size of the Cooktop

How big is your cooktop compared to space? To avoid frustrations while installing your induction cooktop in your RV, you must choose the right size of your cooktop depending on the space you have.

The Intensity of Use

Your needs and requirements influence your choice of a suitable induction cooktop. A big-sized van in full capacity would require a multi-burner while a small van in a small company would only require a decent single-burner cooktop


It is important to settle on a well-performing induction cooktop. Make sure you settle on induction units that are made of quality, strong, and trusted materials. The brand also matters! In your research, ensure you pay attention to product reviews as they may guide you to a fantastic induction cooktop option.

Ease of Cleaning

Induction and smooth-topped cooktops are gradually gaining popularity due to their ease of cleaning. Induction cooktops have smooth surfaces that make it easier for you to wipe spills immediately they fall on the unit before they burn or pile up. It is important to consider induction cooktops that come with cleaning manuals to help you take care of the unit.


It is important to use your induction cooktop in a well-ventilated space. You are bound to be exposed to steam, heat, and sometimes smoke when cooking. Always be on the lookout for units that come with workable and affordable ventilation options. While at it, settle on induction cooktops that can easily be installed and repaired in case of damage.

Advanced/Essential Features Offered

Automatic safety shut-off, Child lock function, precise temperature control, timer, and hot surface indicator are some excellent features that you should consider when buying a modern cooktop. Although they may come at an extra cost, it is advisable to settle on a unit that will not only spark your cooking experience but also offer quality and enhance safety.

What Is a 12v Induction Cooktop?

A 12 Volt Induction Cooktop is a low-voltage cooktop that is powered by a 12V battery.
12 V Induction Cooktops have a power consumption of 2000 watts and a voltage of between 110-240V. Some of the admirable features of such cooktops include an Electro-magnetic cooking system, an Anti-magnetic wall, Anti-current protection, a Child lock, and an automatic shut-off feature.

What Is an Off-Grid Induction Cooktop?

An off-grid Induction cooktop is an Induction unit that can be run by unconventional power options such as solar. These Induction units are ideal for van life. They are great, especially when properly connected. This setup mostly uses two deep cycle batteries, a 2000-watt inverter, and 400 watts of solar panels to run. You are all set once you meet the power requirements!

What Are the Best Options for Marine Cooktop?

There are quite a few induction cooktop types that are suitable for marine life. These cooktops have specific features and functions that make them appropriate for marine use.
Always ensure that your Induction Cooktop unit fits comfortably on your galley
Your unit should also have a built-in safety rail around its edges to guard your cookware against sliding and creating a mess.
Only settle on an Induction unit whose fuel is affordable and readily available.

Why Do Boats Use Alcohol Stoves?

For a long time, alcohol stoves have been used in boats as an alternative fuel to dangerous kerosene stoves. Apart from proving to be environmentally friendly, alcohol stoves are very easy to install. Alcohol marine stove proponents have drawn out the possibility of an on-board explosion occurring when using alcohol as a fuel and this has made alcohol use a safe option for yachts and boats.

Popular Induction Cooktop Options For Marine Use

Below are popular induction cooktop options for marine use:

Kenyon Induction Cooktop: Kenyon induction cooktops are great compact cooktops with modern and stylish looks. These units are shiny, flat, and very attractive. They offer precision when cooking and present next-generation cooking results

Force 10 Induction Cooktop: These easy-to-install cooktops are designed to offer quality, safety, convenience, and performance. When using a force ten induction cooktop, you can be assured of an uncompromised cooking experience.

Dometic Induction Cooktop: This energy-efficient induction cooktop has an ultra-slim and elegant glass surface. The unit offers fast, safe, and modern heating and en-route cooking experience. Owning it would be one of the best decisions toward an easier life.

Gimbaled Induction Stoves: Gimbaled induction stoves are very easy to clean and very safe to use. This unit cooks meals efficiently and fast. They also reduce the risk of fire and burn-related risks.

12V Induction Cooktop: You can easily prepare your favorite meals with a 12V battery-powered induction cooker. This portable unit is powered by a battery or a solar panel, and these make it ideal for camping and marine use.

The best cooking option for your RV would be to use an induction cooktop. However, finding the ideal one can be a daunting task. Make sure to refer to this post for guidelines on the Best induction cooktops for RVs. It would be wise to settle on an induction cooktop unit that offers a variety of heating options, and safety measures, and one that is easy to clean. You can then enjoy the benefits that come with owning a top-notch RV induction cooktop. Cooking on the road will no longer be a hassle! Have a safe cooking experience!

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